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It’s Our Day

It’s Our Day approached us with big ambitions to become a national charity focusing specifically on the needs of young people with mental health issues.

We conducted extensive research into the issues young people face, analysed current charities already involved in mental health, and surveyed both professionals and laypeople in order to establish the place in which It’s Our Day could fit into the market. These findings led to recommendations that formed the basis of our brand strategy.

It's Our Day logo

We then used this strategy to inform our design decisions, allowing us to create a comprehensive brand that appeals to young people, but also has the gravitas to persuade policy makers and educators, which has given It’s Our Day the platform it needs to begin its journey.

It's Our Day website

It’s Our Day's primary goal is to prevent mental health issues developing, rather than adhering to the current government policy of trying to cure issues after they have manifested. We created the slogan 'Promote, Prevent, Pressure' to succinctly covey this motive.

It's Our Day colour scheme

Our goal with the charity's visual identity was to create something immediately appealing and friendly for young people so they felt at home when interacting with the organisation. The use of specialised design elements, emotive photography, bold colours, and colloquial use of language, provided an informal yet professional brand that allows the charity to confidently converse with both young people and policy makers alike.

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Our team is made up of three creatives:

Ryan is our founder and creative director.

Ellis and Josh are our graphic designers.

We work at Beehive Lofts, a creative co-working space in Ancoats, Manchester. The beauty of being based there is we can, and often do, collaborate with a number of other businesses to extend our capabilities and provide exactly the service you need. So if you need branding with a hint of photography for that new product shoot, we can do that. If you need graphic design and PR to get your name out into the world, we've got you covered. If you need merch, a product launch, and an overhaul of your website, we're the team for you.

Image of Ryan, Ellis, and Josh – the current Umlaut team