Designing a beautiful identity for the face of vegan fashion

Frida Rome

Frida Rome—an independent Manchester-based vegan fashion brand—asked us to design a stunning logo and identity that would describe the company, and look distinctive adorning their products. The challenge was to understand the motivations of the company, and design an identity that hold its own in an industry saturated with well-established players.

Our solution was to reimagine the tropes of the fashion industry, and provide an identity that felt more honest, inviting, and aligned with the vision of the company's two founders. The logotype is a unique, customised version of Termina Bold, chosen for its ability to both capture the key motivations of the company, and also look and feel distinctive whether embossed, embroidered, or printed on products made from a multitude of vegan materials.

The result is an identity that has helped to launch the company across the globe.

Frida rome logo and vegan bag product
Frida rome logo embossed on vegan bag product
Frida rome logo 2
Frida rome woman with bag 2

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Umlaut is a team of designers out of Manchester who had a dream of building brands without all the bullshit and the jargon, without the superiority complexes and the snooty attitudes. We saw a place where business owners could come and get what they needed, without having to wade through treacle to get it. That's what Umlaut is all about.

We have a passion for design, for stories, and for putting something new into the world, and it's those passions that let us create brands in a way that others don't.

To be honest, it's the greatest thrill in the world being asked to support individuals and companies, both small and large, by helping them craft their stories, their personalities, their values, and their aesthetic. Our job is to help you create jobs, build livelihoods, and change lives. What an honour.

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