Reinventing the heart of Rochdale's cultural heritage

Baillie Street Quarter

Baillie Street Quarter—an integral heritage corridor within Rochdale town centre, known for its artisan craftspeople and independent shop owners—needed a logo that would provide a focal point in the area and give it a real sense of place.

Our solution was to create a logo that incorporated key architectural features from Baillie Street itself, such as the entrance door to the former William Deacon's Manchester and Salford Bank, in order to anchor the logo within the geography of the area itself.

The result is a logo that now signposts Baillie Street Quarter, appearing on signage, wayfinding, and also adopted by the shop owners in the area, which helps to contribute to the feeling of destination.

Baillie street quarter 7
Baillie street quarter 6
Baillie street quarter 5
Baillie street quarter 4

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