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A promi­nent new iden­ti­ty to sup­port place brand­ing in the heart of Rochdale’s her­itage quarter.

Rochdale Busi­ness Improve­ment District

Bail­lie Street Quar­ter — an inte­gral her­itage cor­ri­dor with­in Rochdale town cen­tre, known for its arti­san crafts­peo­ple and inde­pen­dent shop own­ers — need­ed a logo that would pro­vide a focal point in the area and give it a real sense of place.

Our solu­tion was to cre­ate a logo that incor­po­rat­ed key archi­tec­tur­al fea­tures from Bail­lie Street itself, such as the entrance door to the for­mer William Dea­con’s Man­ches­ter and Sal­ford Bank, in order to anchor the logo with­in the geog­ra­phy of the area itself.

The result is a logo that now sign­posts Bail­lie Street Quar­ter, appear­ing on sig­nage, wayfind­ing, and also adopt­ed by the shop own­ers in the area, which helps to con­tribute to the feel­ing of destination.

Baillie street quarter 7
Baillie street quarter in situ large

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