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When JPSGD approached us, the first thing we realised was the name had to go. In a world full of acronyms — none of which mean a thing, let’s be honest — it was important to give this firm a name that was easily recognisable, gave some clue to the fundamentals of the business, and most importantly, was rememberable.

Secondly, we loved the way that James, the owner and founder, wanted to bring out the personality of the company. As engineers, it’s easy to think the industry is entirely faceless, but in reality, there’s a whole world to uncover that has an attitude, instinct, and story all of its own.

So, we came up with Glassworks. For a company that designs windows, it seemed fitting. And for one located in Manchester, the feeling of industry about the name was a perfect fit. Coupled with that, we created a whole new brand identity, and designed and developed a website that could shout loudly about the work that this lovely company does.

We also worked extensively with the team at Glassworks to rethink their brand values, ones that meant something to the team, and could be used a starting point for their new adventure.

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