Planet Interiors

Planet Interiors is a Manchester-based fitting out contractor and interior design company that delivers companies with workspaces and environments that really make a difference to the productivity of the people working in them.

Whereas usual fitting out contractors deliver solely on their own element of a project, Planet Interiors believes that finding additional ways to add value to the client is beneficial to everybody involved, interacting with their clients more as a trusted business partner than a simple supplier. They have worked with many international companies across the UK and Europe.

We created a new brand identity that speaks to medium- to larger corporate clients in a way that they understand and appreciate. The logo is the focal point of the brand, combining the ‘P’ and ‘I’ of the company name in an interlocking, tessellating motif that imitates floorboards being slotted together in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, showcasing the quality work that Planet does for its clients.

The language is simple, the identity is stripped back, and the colour palette is restricted; none of this was by accident. Taking purposeful cues from the incredible work of Joseph Müeller-Brockmann, we decided to give the identity a post- modern feel that would elevate the work that Planet does.

In an industry as homogenous as this, we wanted to provide Planet with a website that spoke a different language to that of its competitors, providing simplicity and ease-of-use throughout. Stripping back the colour palette allows anybody interacting with the brand to see Planet’s work first and foremost, allowing the craftsmanship to speak for itself."