Belgrove Rum

Belgrove Rum is hoping to start a craze for rum in the same way that both whiskey and gin have had in recent times. The company’s founder believes that rum is where the market will move next, and so he wanted to get ahead of the curve for when what he believes is inevitability final happens.

Belgrove’s first product is a hazelnut-infused rum, the first ever in the world, that boasts all-natural ingredients, using rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, as well as hazelnut, vanilla, and cocoa."

We created a brand identity to wrap around the first product, in order to showcase it in a way that appealed to a those perhaps looking for the next big thing. The colour palette plays on the ingredients within the product, and the website is laid out to provide a fully-immersive experience for purveyors of the drink, providing information on the product, recipes to get you started, and even a promotional video showcasing the founder himself and his vision for what he wants the product to become.