So, we started a blog

Ryan | Intro | #001

Photograph of Ryan, Creative Director and Ellis, Lead Designer from Umlaut

So, we started a blog. Perhaps a little late to the game, but finally, we’re here. Welcome, great to have you!

So why now? And what for? Great questions, both of them. Let me fill you in.

Last month (July 2019), Umlaut reached its sixth birthday. We’re pretty pumped about it, especially given when I started, I had literally no idea if it would ever work. To be honest, everyday I come into work and think perhaps the whole thing is going to fall apart, but that probably says more about my impostor syndrome than it does anything else. Stick a fork in that, no doubt we’ll come back to that delightful attribute affecting so many designers in a later post.

Anyway, the point I’m trying (badly) to make, is that after six years in the game, we’ve built up quite a bit of knowledge about design, branding, marketing, client needs and desires, trends, and, above all, we’ve been sitting on a store full of opinions that we think, perhaps, others might be interested in hearing (I guess we’re going to find out!). Oh, and one more thing: the design industry, to both those working in it, and those interacting with it, can sometimes feel a little like a castle atop a hill, surrounded by a moat, guarded by a dragon, protected by a magic spell with seemingly no door or entrance in sight; there’ll be more on that in a later post, but for now, it’s worth saying that Umlaut tries very hard not to work like that; we like to be as transparent and open as possible about who we are, what we do, and why we do it: this blog is our first effort to try to share as much with you as we possibly can. Let’s see how it goes.

Coming up there’ll be plenty of short articles where we get straight to the heart of a particular topic. Sometimes, there’ll be no words at all, as we explore an issue through photography or a series of artwork (I mean, we are designers after all, right?). Then, for those that want it, there’ll be much longer articles that provide greater depth, insight, and analysis. And, praise the lord, I won’t be writing on my own, in fact you’ll hear from all of the team here at Umlaut over the course of the coming months.

Oh, and for those that want it, we have a handy little email newsletter that we can send you each month, summarising the best bits. We’d love it if you’d like to sign up below (we promise we won’t spam you or sell your details to the Russians – a relief, I’m sure). And if you want to tell peeps about this, very expansive, so-far-only-one article blog, then that’d be awful cute of you.

Anyway, this first one is going to be short and sweet. In a bit!